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About me

I like chocolate and beer, but not necessarily together. I like Snoopy, as well as Calvin and Hobbes. I enjoy board games. I like jazz and bass guitar. I also like Gregorian chants.

Unfortunately, none of that qualifies me as a monk – besides Gregorian chants, maybe – nor gives much credibility to my theological refections.

On another page you can read how God has drawn me to him, and how, in 1984, He adopted me into His big family when I understood and received the benefits of the work of the Lord Jesus-Christ on my behalf.

To read: My Testimony of Conversion

On a personal level, I got married in 1990, and I’ve been very happy ever since! I’m the father of three sons who make me proud, and whom have all left the nest to fly on their own. I also have a daughter whom I didn’t have the opportunity to know since she passed away very shortly after her birth.

As to my academic training, I have a degree in mechanical engineering, but I have never worked in that field. I have a Masters in Religious Sciences, and then I studied linguistics. I considered doing a Doctorate in Bible Translation, but I didn’t have the courage to do so.

On a professional level, for a little over ten years, I was production director for a publishing house that specialized in Christian education. That’s where I took my first steps in translation, editing, layout, and graphic arts. Then, during another decade, I was Bible translation consultant in Central Africa: my family and I lived in Brazzaville (Congo), and then Yaoundé (Cameroon), and after that I made trips to Gemena (Democratic Republic of Congo), Bangui (Central African Republic), and N’Djamena (Chad).

Throughout the years in church I have been deacon, elder, and missionary. I’ve taught teenagers and adults. I’ve led prayer meetings, Bible studies, and worship. I’ve preached on occasion and I was in charge of posting recordings and updating my church’s Facebook page.

Now, I’m in charge of optimization in a small factory. I attend an evangelical church where I serve according to my capacities and the needs within that church. I try to be actively involved within my community, and I write posts on this blog.


Eleazar, the bellicose monk