COVID-19 – A Punishment of God?

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COVID-19 – Coronavirus A Punishment of God? In my last post, I concluded saying: “I don’t believe that the coronavirus is a direct punishment of God on the world. But I do believe that it certainly is one of the consequences of our bad management of God’s creation...” (italics added) Thinking about it afterwards, I asked myself: on what basis can I make such a claim? Am I right to say that? So let’s ask the question: is the coronavirus God’s punishment on the world? I guess that the majority ...
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COVID-19 – What Can a Christian Do?

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COVID-19 – Facing the Pandemic What Can a Christian Do? Generally, I don’t write about current affairs. On the one hand, I usually take too much time to reflect on the matter, and the opportunity passes. On the other hand, what I write tends to be too theoretical, or philosophical, and I have a hard time to find practical implication to the matter. With COVID-19, the crisis will be long, so I have time. And if this post is too theoretical, I could always come back to it later. So here I go… M...
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