National Holidays-A Brief Intro

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Liturgical Calendar National Holidays – A Brief Introduction It’s the season of National Holidays. The Québécois celebrate theirs on June 24 (initially, Saint John the Baptist Day). Canadians celebrate Canada Day on July 1st. Our neighbours south of the border commemorate their independence on July 4th, and our British cousins... well, they celebrate the Queen’s birthday, but it’s not during the same period. I must admit that I’ve never been very patriotic. I have never participated in thos...
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Evangelical Liturgical Calendar: An Introduction

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First published on January 12, 2017 Evangelical Liturgical Calendar: An Introduction For many Evangelicals, the idea of a liturgical calendar will not sound... kosher, if you allow that pun. In fact, it’s a feature that belongs to the old mass denominations, like the Catholic church: for centuries now, they have been developing calendars that regulate their meetings from week to week. So yes, my idea to develop such a calendar for evangelical churches comes from them. At this point, some of y...
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